Meet Dr. Aggie Kotzé

Aggie has a passion for healing and helping others. Her journey started with a different career path which she also loved until she developed an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto Thyroiditis. She was always healthy and fit. However, having struggled with her digestive system for more than 20 years living with pain and agony. Therefore, she decided to study and practice Naturopathic & Holistic medicine which helped her in her full recovery and has become her greatest passion. After years of learning, trial, testing, and revisiting her own health Aggie is now in remission from her autoimmune disease. A blessing in reaching optimal health. Thanking everyone that touched her life in her special journey.

Aggie’s previous qualifications and experience have helped and complimented her in her special journey today as a Doctor in Naturopathic & Holistic Medicine and Coach. Aggie has enjoyed everything in her life and believes that everything that happened in her life led to her being able to follow her calling by making a difference in people’s lives and making her the person that she is today. Aggie has several degrees and certifications which you may find more information on when referring to her professional LinkedIn profile.  

Further, Aggie has many other interests and enjoys an active life having various hobbies and participating in sports activities. Some of these include pilates, yoga, gym, padel, walking, hiking, cycling, water sports, interior design and being creative, traveling and exploring, spending time outdoors in nature, and learning new things.   

“Any imbalances or underlying conditions in the body make one more susceptible to disease. My Holistic Medical Practice was established to aid those seeking improvement in their health and well-being naturally with the aid of holistic diagnostic measures and treatments. Whether you have any existing medical conditions or you would just like to improve your health and wellbeing”. 

Start your special journey by investing in your health and well-being.   

Many blessings!


Doctor of Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine and Coach [DN.HM, M.Sc, H.Sc, BN.HM, B.Sc (HM), B.Sc]